Lover of babies, animals, the beach & yoga. Interests in oral dysfunction, tongue ties, epigenetics, child development, allergies and intolerances. Currently studying to be a lactation consultant. 

My passion for supporting mothers and babies evolved from my own personal pregnancies, births & postnatal experiences. Post birth consisted of special care nursery, transitioning to motherhood, sleep deprivation, feeding challenges, healing and juggling two under two…  It was certainly testing!
My support network made all the difference!

Everyone has a unique pregnancy and birth journey just like each baby has their own unique personality & needs. Birth is often described as the most powerful & transformative time in a mother & infant’s life. Care received during this time can influence mother-infant bonding & attachment style. Research conducted by Birth Trauma Association, the Australasian Birth Trauma Association & Make Birth Better (2022), suggests 1 in 3 Australian women experience birth trauma; this can be physical and or psychological.

Dani the Midwife believes all women should have access to a known Midwife and to holistic postnatal support. Research by Bradford et al. (2022) and Sandall et al. (2016) shows women and babies who receive Midwifery Continuity of Care are more likely to:

   be satisfied with their maternity care
   have a more positive labour and birth experience
   have a vaginal birth 
   successfully breastfeed  
   less likely to experience pre-term birth


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The physical, psychological, social & spiritual shift experienced during the transition to motherhood. 

The fourth trimester can anoverwhelming time, both mum and baby adjusting to life & new roles.The term Matrescence is the process of becoming a mother, coined by anthropologist Dana Raphael in the 1970s. Alexandra Sacks (Reproductive Psychiatrist) discusses this developmental stage 'Matrescence like Adolescence' in her 2019 TED talk 

Support and nurturing YOU can make the fourth trimester a smoother transition to motherhood. 

✨So let me help you thrive✨
not just survive!